Sam Rockwell and Director Duncan Jones – Exclusive Video Interview – MOON

     January 27, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

I saw a lot of movies at this year’s Sundance. Most were pretty good. In fact, this year was above average in quality. But while most of the films were worth seeing, only a few made it to the next level…where as soon as it’s over you want to tell people to see it. Director Duncan Jones “Moon” was one of those films.

If you haven’t heard of “Moon”…Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut digging for a mineral on the Moon. He’s been by himselffor three years and he’s just about to go home. But as he’s getting ready to leave, he begins to experience some strange things and it ends up his employer might have other plans for him….

Trust me, there is so much more to this movie than what I wrote…I just don’t want to ruin any part of this great film.

Also, I’ve left out one of the best parts of “Moon”….the production design. While “Moon” was made on an indie budget, the effects work is ridiculous. Shots of Sam driving around on the Moon looked like he was really there, and the station he works in looks like some big budget Hollywood movie. It really did blow me away.

Anyway, the day after I saw the movie I got to do a great interview with Sam Rockwell and director Duncan Jones. It’s relatively spoiler free so you don’t have to worry about ruining the movie. And for fans of “Galaxy Quest”, I tried to work in a question at the beginning….Sam seemed cool with it….

Finally, if you’d like to read some reviews of “Moon”, here’s Cady’s and here’s an article with a review round-up. And one last thing…here’s the link to 5 clips from “Moon”.

Sam Rockwell and Duncan Jones

  • I start off asking how is Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures going

  • We talk about the production design of the movie (which is incredible)

  • Sam talks about how the sets helped his performance

  • Since there are a lot of things that could be considered spoilers…I ask what do they feel comfortable talking about regarding the plot of the movie

  • How fast was the shoot

  • Duncan talks about how the Moon shots were miniatures

  • They talk about some of the sci-fi movies that influenced them

  • We talk about the computer that helps Sam’s character on the Moon and how it’s not a stereotypical cliché. Also, was the design budgetary or artistic?

  • Sam talks about having to play different parts of the movie on the same day…

  • When did they get the call they’d be in Sundance

  • I ask Sam if he’s prepared for Iron Man 2 and is he surprised by how many people are already asking him about it

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