September 5, 2011

Sam Worthington The Debt interview slice

John Madden’s The Debt is all about the sizzle. The growing tension behind even the most mundane acts – a handshake, a doctor’s appointment, the walk across a street… all-leading to an inevitable blow up. Three retired Mossad agents, celebrated for assassinating an in-hiding Nazi war criminal thirty years prior, must in the present – deal with the secrets and lies they have kept since that fateful day. The secret they are keeping can probably be inferred from that simple logline; but the film’s not so much about reveals and third act twists as much the growing burden of not only lying to others but to oneself.

David Peretz (played in the present by Ciaran Hinds, thirty years prior by Sam Worthington) in a more conventional film would probably serve as the hero. Soft spoken, enigmatic, do-gooder with a heart of gold. But here – it’s those very qualities that doom the poor guy. The toll of bottling up all those lies eventually becoming too much to bear. Instead of hero, David ultimately serves as a cautionary/tragic figure for the film. At the press junket for The Debt, Sam Worthington spoke about the difficulties in playing such an emotionally bottled-up character, how John Madden convinced him to star in the film and what types of films/projects interest him. Worthington (sporting a crazy wild man beard for the currently shooting Drift), also talked about what to expect in Clash of the Titans 2: Wrath of the Titans.  For the full interview, hit the jump.

Note: This interview was done for our partners at Omelete.  A big thank you to them for letting us run it on Collider.

Sam Worthington

  • What are the difficulties in playing such an emotionally bottled up character
  • What tactics did he use to convey his emotions
  • Talks about how they filmed everything in the apartment in chronological order
  • Talks about what attracts him to a project
  • What kinds of characters interest him
  • What got him involved in The Debt
  • Talks about how Madden pitched him the character
  • Even though I was asked to stop, Worthington let me ask another question. I asked about his beard. Said it was for an Australian surfing movie called Drift set in the 70’s
  • Clash of the Titans 2 talk. Says it’s 10 years later. Also talks about how he tried something different on Clash 2 and how he tried to make Perseus a character, which he didn’t think he was in the first film.


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