David S. Goyer Reportedly Pitching a SANDMAN Movie to Warner Bros. with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

     November 20, 2013


An adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic series Sandman has been through various stages of development over the years, but it appears that things might be heating up on a feature film iteration at Warner Bros.  The comic, which first launched in 1989, revolves around Morpheus (aka Dream) who is the personification of dreams.  Initially captured by a cult ritual and held captive for 70 years, Dream is released in modern day to find his kingdom in disrepair.  A new report claims that Warner Bros. has become taken with pitch for a Sandman movie by Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer, with none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt mentioned in connection with the lead role.  Hit the jump for more.

joseph-gordon-levitt-sandman-movieThe folks over at Badass Digest are hearing that Goyer has pitched a version of Sandman to WB that the studio is “very receptive” to.  Moreover, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is apparently involved in the potential project, most likely as the actor who will portray Morpheus.  The report stresses that this is very early days and the project may never come to fruition, but WB is high on Goyer as their current go-to screenwriter for all things DC Comics and has been trying to get Gordon-Levitt to lead one of their franchise properties for some time.

Again, there’s no telling what will become of this potential Sandman idea, but it’s interesting to see Goyer branching out from the superhero world.  He’s no doubt looking to cash in some of the goodwill from Man of Steel (and Batman vs. Superman, presumably) to get something a little different off the ground, and that something different might just be Sandman.


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