Sandra Bullock Offered Lead Role in NEVER FORGET

     September 21, 2010


Sandra Bullock has lined up a few projects after winning the Oscar last year for her performance in The Blind Side.  The in-demand actress has signed on to star opposite Steve Carell in The Abstinence Teacher.  Bullock will also appear in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with Tom Hanks.  And Universal hopes to recreate the chemistry she had with Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal by developing a romantic comedy for the duo to star in currently titled Most Wanted.  Now, EW is reporting that Bullock has received an offer to star in Screen Gems’ Never Forget.  The film is loosely based on director Robby Kushner’s documentary On Moral Grounds, which depicts “one woman’s quest to reimburse Holocaust survivors who were swindled out of their heir’s insurance policies by a European insurance company.”

It’s still not known if Bullock will accept the offer.  Last week, we also reported on the news that Warner Bros. is ready to offer her the lead role in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity if Natalie Portman were to pass on it.  I’m sure we’ll know soon enough what film Bullock decides to star in next, but until then it’s clear that she has various options to choose from.  Hit the jump for a synopsis of On Moral Grounds.


Shot on location in Eastern Europe and in the courtrooms of the United States, [On Moral Grounds] brings to light the saga of WWII restitution and the stories of those who have sought justice for half a century. One man, Adolf Stern, takes us on an emotional journey that mirrors similar quests by thousands of other Holocaust survivors. After being liberated from Buchenwald, Adolf, penniless, traveled to Prague to redeem his father’s life insurance. Rather than being consoled as a survivor of unspeakable horrors, he was thrown out of the insurance company office. He was told: “No death certificate, no insurance claim.” Not until 1996 did the matter arise again.

Adolf’s niece, attorney Lisa Stern, heard the story through family members. Lisa teamed up with the pioneer of bad faith insurance law, William Shernoff, and set off on an incomparable legal odyssey. Against all odds, the two lawyers were determined to right the wrong perpetrated on Adolf and other survivors by insurance companies, which were supposed to take care of their policyholders in times of need. This David and Goliath account explores how persistence and powerful advocacy can achieve justice for wrongs committed half a century ago in a foreign land. [Amazon]

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