Adam Sandler’s ‘Sandy Wexler’ Is Honored by Celebrity Friends in New Trailer

     February 16, 2017


I can’t help myself from wondering if Adam Sandler‘s Netflix movies are some kind of Andy Kaufman-esque exercise, or a kind of sociological experiment. I mean on the surface, it just looks like Netflix is giving him oodles of money to make half-baked movies (and I say this generously) where he can get all of his celebrities friends involved. Everyone has a good time, everyone gets paid, and Sandler goes home to what I assume is a Scrooge McDuck-sized pool of Netflix money and just laughs the night away. But could there be something deeper at play? Is it meant to be painfully unfunny as the joke itself?

Of course, because Netflix doesn’t reveal any of its viewership data (though various companies and claimed to crack its algorithm), we have no idea how successful any of Sandler’s movies on the streaming giant have been. And yet …

Check out the latest trailer for Sandy Wexler below, and then we’ll talk more:

So, what exactly is the tone Sandy Wexler is going for? The movie focuses on a fictional D-list talent manager, who seems to be the kind of guy everybody is annoyed by but ultimately loves. Is this Sandler himself? Is this Sandler’s comment on his own legacy? He’s invited a host of friends to comment on Sandy in this new trailer, from Chris Rock to Conan O’Brien, but is he memorializing himself? My conspiracy theory is the only thing that interests me regarding this movie, so bear with me. I mean, Sandy / Sandler … you see where I’m going with this, right?

In any case, the movie will premiere April 14th on Netflix, and we may learn more then. Is it a mockumentary? Is it a comedy? A drama? A cry for help? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix


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