Saoirse Ronan – Exclusive Video Interview

     January 13, 2008

When the press day was being held for “Atonement,” the youngest star of the cast – Saoirse Ronan – couldn’t attend due to her busy schedule. While some people use that excuseto not attend a press day, for Saoirse… it was absolutely true.

After her work on Joe Wright’s “Atonement,” she started working on three consecutive major projects that almost any actor would’ve killed for – “City of Ember,” “Death Defying Acts,” and now Peter Jackson’s new movie “The Lovely Bones.” So while you might not know Saoirse yet…get ready…because sometime next year she’ll be a worldwide star.

Anyway, Saoirse was just in Los Angeles to do a bit of press for the great movie “Atonement” and I managed to get sometime with her. With all the upcoming projects she’s involved with, we had a lot to talk about and the interview turned out great.

As usual, I listed what we spoke about above the interview. And if you’d like to watch some clips from “Atonement” click here, and if you missed my interviews with James McAvoy or Keira Knightley for “Atonement” just click on their names.

Saoirse Ronan

  • I ask since she’s been working non-stop on a ton of big movies…has she had a moment to take it all in?
  • Has she learned something on every movie?
  • What’s working on Lovely Bones with Peter Jackson like and was she a fan of Lord of the Rings? Her answer is funny.
  • I ask about working on Death Defying Acts and City of Ember. Death Defying Acts was with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Guy Pearce, and City of Ember stars Bill Murray.
  • I ask about working with Bill Murray and she tells a good story.

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