Sarah Jessica Parker considers a role in THE IVY

     June 26, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Sarah Jessica Parker may have been voted the world’s most unattractive woman in Maxim, but she is an unattractive woman that Hollywood producers are ardently courting. The big-screen adaptation of her HBO series “Sex and the City” has already topped 300 million in international sales for Warner Brothers and the studio seems eager to partner up with the would-be Mrs. Broderick on another project – fast.

According to The Hollywood Reporter that project may be the film “The Ivy Chronicles.” The actress is in negotiations with Warners to headline the film adapted from a novel by Karen Quinn. “Ivy” is described as “a story of class and the single woman in contemporary New York.” That would seem a stretch for Parker to pull off, but if nothing else, the woman is a pro.

The premise of “The Ivy Chronicles” does differ from “Sex” a bit. Instead of a fiercely dressed single gal on the make, “Ivy” would cast Parker as a single mom who loses her high powered job and is forced to move into a “less ritzy” downtown apartment. I have seen Hollywood’s version of a ‘less ritzy’ NYC address. It usually means “no doorman.” The horror.

I have not included a link to The Hollywood Reporter story, here’s why

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