Sarah Jessica Parker Is Dressed for ‘Divorce’ in First HBO Image

     November 17, 2015


Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to HBO, yes it’s in a comedy, yes it’s in New York, and yes she looks fabulous. What else needs to be said? Maybe a few of the particulars. To start, Parker is starring in the upcoming series Divorce (which she is also executive producing), created by Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe).

Parker will play the role of Frances, “a woman who suddenly begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that making a clean break and a fresh start is harder than she thought.” Think of it, perhaps, as “Sex and the City Redux: How Carrie Got Her Groove Back (After She Probably Got Divorced From Big — Let’s All Be Real)”:


Image via HBO

Thomas Hayden Church will pay Frances’ husband Robert, with Molly Shannon as Frances’ “high-strung friend” Diane (would we know her any other way?) Talia Balsam and Tracy Letts are also listed as series regulars. (Side note on Shannon’s character: how great would it be if she just reprised her role from Wet Hot American Summer? She knows about divorce!)

It seems easy to compare this first image of Frances with any one of Carrie Bradshaw, because seriously — that dress? That coat? Those flowing locks? That’s some next-chapter Carrie right there. And honestly, that would be great. Let us not forget that when Sex and the City was good, it was excellent. Nay, spectacular, and groundbreaking, and fun. When it became all about the materialism in the later seasons and the movies (which I prefer to forget), it lost its way. But Parker is a great comedienne, and Divorce could end up being both poignant and charming, especially since its conceit feels like classic HBO.