Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to TV as a RINGER

     January 15, 2011


CBS has ordered a pilot for Ringer, a thriller in which Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as a young woman on the run from the mob.  Per Vulture, “[Gellar] assumes the life of her wealthy twin sister, only to find out that said sibling has a bounty on her head as well.”  From the sound of it, Gellar will play both characters, not to mention her role as co-executive producer.  The series comes from Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder (Supernatural).

I’ll happily welcome the beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer star back to television at the center of such craziness. It doesn’t sound like it fully fits the CBS brand, but the network has a history of trying something different with at least one among its series pickups in recent years.  As of now, I’m rooting for Ringer to earn that spot.