Director Saschka Unseld and Producer Marc Greenberg Talk THE BLUE UMBRELLA, Using Handheld Camera Movements in Animation, and More

     October 28, 2013


Though Pixar has certainly earned a reputation for raising the bar in animation with regards to its feature film efforts, the studio also has a knack for producing excellent short films.  With each new feature film release comes a new Pixar short, and this summer’s Monsters University was accompanied in theaters by director Saschka Unseld’s unique and photo-realistic short The Blue Umbrella—certainly one of the more artistically ambitious shorts to come out of Pixar in the studio’s history.  Monsters University will be available on Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, October 29th, and the disc comes loaded with bonus features relating not only to MU but also The Blue Umbrella.  While attending the press day for the Monsters University Blu-ray at Pixar Studios in San Francisco, I had the chance to sit down with Unseld and producer Marc Greenberg, who also serves as Pixar’s Vice President of Finance & Strategy.

During our conversation, Unseld and Greenberg discussed the process of getting their short attached to Monsters University, the thought process behind using handheld camera movements in the animation, the technological experimentation phase of the production, and more.  Watch the video interview after the jump.

Saschka Unseld and Marc Greenberg:

  • The process of getting the short attached to Monsters University.
  • What was the thought process behind making the animation look like it was shot using a handheld camera?
  • Talk about the technology used to make the animation feel handheld using motion capture cameras.
  • The experimentation process on the film, finding the right balance for the film’s aesthetic.
  • Greenberg talks about juggling his role as VP of Finance & Strategy at Pixar with his producer role on The Blue Umbrella. Talks about how he got involved with the film.
  • What’s next? Unseld says he’s always writing ideas.


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