Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’s Tribute to ‘Grace & Frankie’, a Better Show Than ‘Game of Thrones’

     May 19, 2019

The impending series finale of Game of Thrones looms large over all of pop culture, even Saturday Night Live, which got offered up a tribute to HBO’s fantasy mega-hit during its own season 44 finale hosted by Paul Rudd. Except Pete Davidson has never seen the show, so the digital short ended up as an ode to Netflix’s original series Grace & Frankie, the genuinely delightful comedy starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda that your mom and all her friends almost definitely love.

Despite the fact I’m still not sure what DJ Khaled’s function is in any scenario—although admittedly “It’s a nice show!” is some funny delivery—I really dug this whole thing, which gave off serious Lonely Island vibes. Paul Rudd remains a treasure that we need to protect at all costs, and a special shout-out to Grey Worm himself, Jacob Anderson, for making a pre-finale appearance without looking like he wants to die. Although negative one-thousand points to Saturday Night Live for putting Raleigh Ritchie in this sketch and not having him sing at all.

Check out the video below.

And hey, just for funskies, here’s this week’s cut-for-time sketch, which 1000% should not have been cut for time because of the amount of keytar playing it contains. Which is a lot.

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