Watch: Bill Hader Brings the Chaos in ‘Saturday Night Live’s Brilliant “What’s That Name” Sketch

     March 3, 2019

Like a Stefon-endorsed hotspot, last night’s Saturday Night Live hosted by noted treasure John Mulaney had a little of everything. (Except, tragically, Stefon himself.) Ben Stiller popping up in the cold open to play Michael Cohen. A truly fantastic story in the monologue that somehow featured both Woody Allen and Mulaney’s French bulldog Petunia. A talking bodega toilet. But on such a crowded night, the winner was still undisputedly the deranged return of “What’s That Name” written by Mulaney, Simon Rich, and Marika Sawyer. It is seven minutes long and brought endless joy to my life.

The premise, for the unfamiliar: “What’s That Name” is a game show hosted by the low-key insane Vince Blight (a returning Bill Hader in his second sketch of the night), in which contestants simply have to remember the names of people they 100% should remember the names of. It’s simple, it’s very stupid, but man it works because not only is the relatability factor high—sorry, every friend’s significant other—but Hader is a force. Since he’s been off getting Emmy-nominated for Barry and cast in Stephen King adaptations it sometimes gets taken for granted what a goddamn comedy hero Bill Hader is. Plus, you can’t count out the straight-man brilliance of Mulaney and Cecily Strong. Mulaney’s dry-as-a-bone “What kind of horrible game show is this?” slayed me.

Check out the sketch below. And below that is the opening monologue, because nobody is ever going to be unhappy about seven minutes of original John Mulaney material.

Saturday Night Live returns next week, March 9, with host Idris Elba and musical guest Khalid.