Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Takes On Netflix’s “Crazy” Content Strategy

     December 2, 2018

saturday-night-live-netflixWe’ve all been there, the endless Netflix scroll, swiping past title after title you’ve never heard of, branded with the “Netflix Original” tag. Cheap action flicks. Identical rom-coms all somehow starring the same people. British period pieces that always have a thumbnail of someone standing at a misty cliff wearing an absurd amount of plaid. Whatever Bright was. With no public data or ratings to speak of, Netflix’s content strategy truly does appear to be a pile of money somewhere that crazed executives throw will-nilly to any script that crosses their path, an idea that Saturday Night Live explored to fantastic results with this week’s “Netflix Commercial” digital short.

“In 2019, we’ll have even more programming to choose from, because we’ve gone crazy,” the commercial promises. “That’s right, we’re spending billions of dollars and making every show in the world.”

The sketch is kind of brilliantly depressing in how accurately it nails down Netflix’s attempt to achieve Entertainment Singularity, right down to the sepia-toned detective show that’s “been on for three seasons and only one woman watches it.” Got an idea? Here’s money! Want a reboot? Why not a dark and gritty Family Matters starring a gun-toting Kenan Thompson? Someone probably would watch all the fake movies from Entourage. Leslie Jones in a Van Getting Batteries is not that far removed from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, honestly.

Although if we’re being truthful here, I completely, 100% would watch Saved by the Crown starring Claire Foy if Netflix happened to throw a couple million or so toward it. I’m not a proud person.

Until that day comes, check out the short below. Saturday Night Live returns on December 8 with host Jason Momoa and musical guest Mumford & Sons.

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