‘Scarface’ Remake Loses Director Antoine Fuqua

     January 31, 2017


Antoine Fuqua likes to stay busy. He’s had one new movie every year since 2013, but apparently his schedule is too packed for him to stay attached to the remake of Scarface. As we reported back in September, The Wolf of Wall Street scribe Terence Winter is penning the script, which would take the immigrant-to-kingpin story of the 1932 and 1983 movies and move it Los Angeles. This time around, the main character would be a Mexican immigrant.

But Variety reports that Fuqua’s workload can’t fit in Scarface. The director has already invested a lot of time in a sequel to The Equalizer, and Sony and Denzel Washington want Fuqua busy prepping the film. That leaves him no time to work on Scarface, which Universal wants to start shooting by the spring. Although Fuqua wanted to do Scarface, he reportedly had put too much time into The Equalizer 2 to give it up.

This means Universal is on the hunt for a new Scarface director, although Variety says they at least have their star locked down, with Diego Luna on board to play the title character.

If we must make a new Scarface, I’m glad that Fuqua is instead turning his attention back to The Equalizer world where he seems to have a lot more fun rather than something like Scarface, which is going to be much trickier to pull off. You certainly don’t want it to come off like a piece of anti-immigrant propaganda, but you also want it to be a compelling crime drama. That’s tough to handle, and I hope Universal finds the right director for the job. As for Fuqua, I’m glad he’s back trying to figure out new and inventive ways for Robert McCall to destroy bad guys.

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