‘Schindler’s List’ Trailer Announces a Devastatingly Timely Theatrical Re-Release

     August 29, 2018


25 years ago this fall, Steven Spielberg released the most ambitious film of his career: Schindler’s List. The passion project, which chronicles the true story of Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) and his quest to save Jews from death during the Holocaust, won Spielberg his first Best Director Oscar and launched one of the most iconic pieces of cinema ever created.

To commemorate the anniversary, but perhaps more strikingly to speak to troubling events occurring in 2018, Spielberg and Universal Pictures are re-releasing Schindler’s List into theaters on December 7th across the United States and Canada. The film has been digitally remastered in 4K, Dolby Cinema, and Dolby Atmos for a pristine presentation, and judging by the re-released trailer, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Speaking with EW, Spielberg spoke about the importance of Schindler’s List two decades after its release:

“When the film initially came out, it made one of the most incomprehensible acts of humankind accessible. It didn’t make it understandable, but reachable to audiences to be able explore it, to be moved in such a way to want to stand against all hatred, and know it is real and what can shockingly happen in the 20th and now the 21st centuries if we are not vigilant… I think we found a door to allow people to talk about the consequences of hatred in all its forms in a more open way. Films have that capacity to move people to explore and understand the most tragic and horrific events in history, and at the same time to highlight the resiliency of the human spirit.”

Schindler’s List is frustratingly relevant now, 25 years after its release, and fair warning that this trailer may turn you into a blubbering mess. The film is an astounding achievement (it won seven Oscars, including Best Picture), and as tough of a watch as it is, I can’t wait to see it again on the big screen later this year.

It’s one of the best films ever made, full-stop, and if you’ve never seen it, I implore you to seize this opportunity to experience it in theaters.

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