Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel May Resurrect LAVERNE & SHIRLEY

     February 10, 2010

Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel May Resurrect LAVERNE & SHIRLEY.jpg

Earlier in the week we reported that the fast approaching Valentine’s Day may inspire a franchise of holiday-themed romantic comedies, but that may not be the only lasting effect the film has on cinema.  Valentine’s director Garry Marshall created the classic sitcom Laverne & Shirley, which starred Cindy Williams and Garry’s sister Penny Marshall (reprising their characters from Happy Days) as Milwaukee brewery workers.  Mario Lopez of Extra talked to Marshall at the premiere for his new movie, who claimed that a film adaptation may be in the works.   More after the jump:

Because Valentine’s Day stars everyone ever, the cast includes Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner, who are just the ladies Marhsall has in mind to bring the show to the big screen.  When asked about the possibility of the project, Garner replied, “Are you kidding?  We’re dying to do it!”  Prodded further, Garner promised they would pay homage to the show’s famous opening credits.  Partner Biel chimed in with her memory of the scene, “And they do this.  Dah, dah.  Dah, dah.  Something incorporated.” Clearly she’s done her research.

I think Biel and Garner are as good a twosome as any, so I will hope for the best on this one.  After the jump check out the aforementioned title sequence, where they do this, then dah dah dah dah, and something incorporated.

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