‘Score’ Trailer Reveals Documentary about Film Music and Composers

     May 4, 2017


The first trailer for the Gravitas Ventures film Score: A Film Music Documentary has landed online, and this thing looks like a must-watch for cinephiles. Directed by Matt Schrader, a former newsman for CBS, and two years in the making, the film offers a look at the art and impact of film composers, featuring interviews with everyone from John Williams to Trent Reznor to Hans Zimmer to Bear McCreary. This promises an inside look at how film scores get composed, how they’ve evolved over the decades, and where the medium is at right now.

I like that the film has a wide range of interviews. Folks like Williams and Thomas Newman are on the traditional end of the composition spectrum, but then you’ve got people like Zimmer, Danny Elfman, and Bear McCreary who are shaking up what film music can be. There also look to be some filmmakers involved as well, as James Cameron makes an appearance.

But the highlight is seeing archival footage of Williams and Steven Spielberg creating the iconic theme for E.T. We literally get to be a fly on the wall while one of the greatest pieces of film music ever made is created.

Basically, I can’t wait to see this. Watch the trailer below. Score opens in theaters on June 16th. And if you’re interested in film composing, check out my recent interviews with Junkie XL (Justice League) and Brian Tyler (The Mummy).

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