Scott Cooper to Direct Drama Based on Granite Mountain Hotshots Firefighting Tragedy

     June 24, 2014


You may remember about a year ago when I suggested that someone in Hollywood tackle the tales of the courageous men and women who fight wilderness fires.  The story of their sacrifice was made all the more apparent last year when 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives battling an Arizona blaze.  Now, we have word that Crazy Heart writer-director Scott Cooper will indeed be directing an adaptation of their story.  Black Hawk Down’s screenwriter Ken Nolan is writing the script with Lorenzo di Bonaventura among the film’s producers.  In order to hew as close to the real story as possible, the filmmakers are already consulting with the family members and loved ones of those who were lost in service.

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scott-cooper-granite-mountain-hotshotsAs Deadline reports, this is what Cooper and di Bonaventura had to say about the project:

“The heroic and tragic story of the men who gave their lives to protect the community of Yarnell is heartbreaking, compelling and inspiring. I look forward to telling their story with the respect, sensitivity and authenticity that these true American heroes deserve.”

Said di Bonaventura: “The nation came together to mourn the great loss of life by these heroes, but their bonds with each other makes their story so much more extraordinary and compelling. The story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, and the tragedy that befell them, is not as much about the fire as it is about a group of blue-collar guys and their families and the brotherhood that they form with one another.”

While one would think that stories of true heroes like these would be no-brainers, we haven’t really seen too many out of Hollywood lately. The most prevalent examples occur on the military stage, but there are plenty of sacrifices made every day here on the homefront.  Cooper seems like a great choice for this particular project, since he’s previously focused on the blue-collar stories of a dysfunctional Country musician, the criminal element of a down-on-its-luck steel town, and the true story of Boston natives Whitey Bulger and John Connolly.  The latter film, Black Mass, is currently filming with Johnny Depp and Joel Edgerton in the respective roles.  Look for it in October of next year.


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