SINISTER Team of Director Scott Derrickson and Blumhouse Pictures to Adapt Stephen King’s THE BREATHING METHOD

     October 15, 2012


Director/co-writer Scott Derrickson’s horror film Sinister scored big at the box office this past weekend, and now he’s teaming back up with Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Pictures (the studio behind the Paranormal Activity films) to tackle a Stephen King adaptation.  Deadline reports that Derrickson will direct an adaptation of The Breathing Method, a story found in King’s collection Different Seasons.

The story opens in an exclusive gentleman’s club where the only price for membership is the telling of stories.  One man begins to recount the tale of a woman in the 1930s who was determined to give birth to her illegitimate child, no matter the cost.  She seeks out the physician author of a book on the Breathing Method of childbirth, and grows close with the doctor as her determination fails to wane.  Scott Teems (That Evening Sun) will write the script, and the film will likely follow Blumhouse’s “low budget, high profit” model.

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