SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD Custom Nintendo-Inspired Blu-ray Case Insert

     November 9, 2010


This is exactly what you think it is. With Edgar Wright’s awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. The World hitting Blu-ray and DVD today, I figured you might want something to spice it up a bit. The film, an adaptation of the fantastic Bryan Lee O’Malley graphic novel series, was incredibly unique and seems destined to be one of those, “You haven’t seen it!? Oh, let’s watch it now,” type of movies. Now you can say the same about your Blu-ray case. Hit the jump to grab the exclusive printable NES-inspired Blu-ray insert by Adam Lowe, aka DudeImbibes, for Scott Pilgrim and what he had to say about creating it.

Edgar Wright blogged about this awesome case modification in late September and it gathered a lot of attention, but the insert itself was only shown in photos. You can see all the various versions that Lowe did at his Flickr account, including an NES cartridge mod that was cut to store a DVD and Blu-ray. The guy clearly has talent. Because the film is actually hitting today I felt you might want to be reminded and for those that hadn’t seen this before, it’s a great time to discover it. While the Blu-ray insert was only shown in the finished product online at various sites, below you can finally grab the full printable version for your own enjoyment.


This was something I worked out with the artist, so I asked if he had any comments about the creation and response so far.

“When I first saw the trailer for Scott Pilgrim, my reaction was somewhere in the ball park of “EEEEEEEEEE!” It wasn’t even out in theaters, and already I was counting down the days for the Blu-ray release. I’m a graphic designer and I spend a lot of my free time creating custom cases for my Blu-rays. I love movie case art and I just like to create (and see what others create) when licensing restrictions and all that legal crap isn’t getting in the way. After seeing the Scott Pilgrim trailer, I knew I had to design something that appeased my inner NES fanboy. I first created a Blu-ray case insert, but it wasn’t enough. Inspired by the wicked cool Megaman 9 presskit, and the pitch-game for Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, which featured Pilgrim as a Megman-esque sprite, I knew what I had to do.

I figured I’d straight up mod a NES Cart into a disc case. Turns out, I didn’t pay attention: the press kit was a minidisc, not a standard sized disc, and standard sized discs don’t fit NES carts. Hence, my mods to the NES cart. I then had a custom NES box printed and voila. I did this project for the hell of it, just for fun. On a lark, I decided, “What the hell, I’ll send it to Edgar Wright.” I can’t describe the shock I experienced when I saw it pop up on the front of his blog, or how humbling it was to see so many people reacting positively to it.

I’ve received a lot of feedback like, “This should be the real case!” or, “You should sell it!” – I definitely will never sell this. I fully support buying licensed goods and I get what kind of hoops Universal would have had to jump through to put together a NES throwback case. So I’m psyched that this pet project took off the way it did. I respect Edgar Wright, Universal, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and NES, and I hope that when/if they see this work, they know it comes from a love and respect of their work, and not in defiance or my thinking I could do better than them.”

Oh, and the seal of approval says: “This Seal is Your Assurance that Scott Pilgrim vs The World is an Epic of Epic Epicness.” WIN! Also, check out what the finished product looks like from the side and more evidence that Lowe has a passion and gift for doing other custom Blu-ray inserts. That Casino Royale one is outstanding.




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