SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE ANIMATION to Air on [adult swim] on August 12th

     August 3, 2010


The full-court marketing press for Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World continues as Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] will be airing a short animated film dubbed Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation on August 12th at midnight.  /Film reports that the short will cover Scott’s high-school relationship with Sex Bob-omb’s sardonic drummer Kim Pine that was featured in volume two of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s series but didn’t end up in the movie.  Universal, O’Malley, and Wright quickly got on board after hearing the network’s pitch.  Wright even managed to secure the voice acting talent of Michael Cera and Alison Pill reprising their roles from the film and getting co-stars Mae Whitman and Jason Schwartzman to provide the voices for Lisa and Simon Lee, respectively (although O’Malley says voice casting Whiteman as Lisa was his idea).

Hit the jump to learn more about this very cool project.  Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation will air on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] in two parts between 12:00 and 12:30 am and then the following day (when Scott Pilgrim vs. The World comes out) on, and on the [adult swim] and Scott Pilgrim Facebook pages.

Here’s what producer Jason DeMarco had to say about the animation (again, via /Film):

We were approached by Universal to do something cool around the release of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Being huge fans of the comic, and very excited about the film, we asked if we could produce an animated short in the style of the comic. The filmmakers and Bryan Lee O’Malley were into the idea, so we actually made it! Edgar Wright was kind enough to secure some of the talent from the film for us, so we have Michael Cera as Scott, Allison Pill as Kim, Mae Whitman as Lisa and Jason Schwartzman as Simon Lee doing voices in the short.

The animation was done by Titmouse who has done work for Cartoon Network in the past.  You can check out some brief video from Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation over at /Film.  The animation looks solid and not like some crappy “motion comic”.