Comic-Con: 8 Things You May Not Know About MTV’s SCREAM

     July 11, 2015


In the original film, Scream released back in 1996, Drew Barrymore is in the first scene talking to a stranger on the phone. We hear this eerie voice ask Drew, “What’s your favorite scary movie?” That is one of the more memorable lines from the film. In the pilot episode of the new MTV television show bearing the same title, one of the first scenes is very familiar to the original film although now the murderer is texting his targeted victim as opposed to calling her.

We sat down for an interview with Executive Producers Jaime Paglia and Cathy Konrad and cast members Bella Thorne, Willa Fitzgerald, John Karna, Amadeus Serafini, and Conner Weil to find out some details about the new series.


Image via MTV

In pondering how the show would differ in story telling compared to the film series, the producers and cast members all discussed a scene where Karna’s character (Noah) explains that a “slasher film” plotline could only be used in a television show if the story were stretched out to accommodate numerous episodes. Otherwise a writer would have to have killed off dozens of high school students by the end of the first season alone. So how will the show be different from the film? As Karna’s character suggests, audiences will get a chance to get to know the major characters more through a season of episodes verses 2 hours of film and therefore become more invested in who the characters are. That way, when one of them gets murdered, “it will hurt more.” This monologue is the show’s way of calling itself out and it is further discussed with the first item on our list; here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about the television show, Scream:

  1. Because it is a television show, there will be varying levels of character development in Scream compared to the films. Karna said, “I think it is definitely something that is a lot more noticeable. It’s awesome because the episodes are scary and exciting but you don’t necessarily know…how much horror is going to be there. The show itself is so cool because you never really know once the scene starts, which kind of genre of TV you’re going to be watching.” He then went on to say a scene can be like Friday The Thirteenth or Dawson’s Creek.
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    SPOILER! Thorne’s death scene in the pilot episode was done in one take. Thorne said, “I got it on the first take and that is one thing that I really cherish!”

  3. The character of Kieran, played by Serafini is somewhat modeled after Billy Loomis from the original Scream However the fate and motivation of Kieran is not necessarily the same as Billy. That is something we will have to figure out ourselves by tuning into the show.
  4. When asked if there was a possibility that actors from the past Scream films would appear as guest stars of the show, the producers and cast said it is possible, however they prefer to focus on developing the main characters of the series. Though Paglia and Weil both expressed interest in Courteney Cox.
  5. Most of the major cast members were under the age of 10 when the original Scream film was released in theaters in 1996.
  6. This is Serafini’s first role in a television show. He said he auditioned for three shows and was cast for Serafini said that he has learned a lot from being on set and working on the show.
  7. There will not be a death in every episode. However, all episodes are focused on the deaths that occur. The difference being that in some episodes, viewers will get to see characters mourning and coping with the deaths featured in other episodes.
  8. Thorne will be returning in future episodes, supposedly in flashback scenes. Thorne told us that episodes down the way will be explaining what happened to her character leading up to the events of the pilot.

Scream is on Tuesday nights on MTV.


Image via MTV