MTV’s SCREAM TV Series to Recreate Drew Barrymore’s Iconic Scene with Bella Thorne

     December 11, 2014


MTV’s Scream TV series is just taking big risks across the board, isn’t it?  Not only is the show doing away with the Ghostface mask and possibly running with one made of flesh instead, but there’s also a report floating around claiming it’ll attempt to recreate Drew Barrymore’s unforgettable death scene with Bella Thorne.

Hit the jump for more on the new rendition of the scene and what it could mean for the show.  The 10-episode series will begin in October 2015.  It also stars Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Carlson Young, Amadeus Serafini, John Karna, Bobby Campo, Connor Weil and Joel Gretsch.

the-duff-bella-thorneThe news comes from a Bloody Disgusting reader, but Thorne also confirmed her involvement during a Yahoo Celebrity Facebook Q&A.  When one fan asked if she’ll appear in the first episode, Thorne replied:

“yes it is true. i will re-enact the famous scene of drew barrymore in the original series.”

My favorite part of Scream 4 was the opening sequence during which people die and it’s revealed that they’re really characters in Stab movies.  Is that what’s happening here or is the show’s Ghostface (or whatever we’ll be calling him/her) more of a copycat killer?

Apparently there’s been reports claiming that the show has something to do with “a YouTube viral video gone wrong” that serves as the “catalyst for a murder and opens up a window to the town’s troubled past.”  I’d like to bet that viral video is the recreation of Casey Becker’s death.