Screenwriter of THE THING Prequel to Pen 3D FINAL DESTINATION 5

     April 25, 2010


Eric Heisserer, who wrote the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street and the upcoming prequel for The Thing, has been hired to pen the screenplay for Final Destination 5 (which will be in 3D).  For those who don’t know, all of the Final Destination movies work like so: 1.) Main character has premonition of horrific disaster; 2.) Main character and supporting characters escape horrific disaster; 3.) Death comes to finish off each surviving character in the most elaborate fashion possible; 4.) Profit.  Each film has a modest budget and rakes in about $50 million.  The Final Destination was supposed to be the last one but then it grossed $181 million worldwide and here we are.

Heat Vision says not much is known about the plot (although I think I laid it out right there) but one of the characters will be undergoing laser-eye surgery.  I’m waiting for the Final Destination where Death takes out a character during a vaginoplasty.  New Line is hoping that Heisserer will break up the repetition of the series.  I suppose you could do that by having Death kill people in five seconds rather than five minutes.

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