Sean Young Wants To Play THIS Superhero in Tim Burton’s BATMAN Sequel

     April 1, 2015


Ever since bursting out onto the scene in Stripes, taking a hit in Ridley Scott’s commercial flop Blade Runner, and making a fantastic rebound in No Way Out, people have wondered where Sean Young will be going next. But is Young on the same page as the rest of us? She’s no doubt quite talented but it’s been nearly four years since her last big hit (Cousins doesn’t count) and she seems to be looking in all the wrong places. Hence an uncomfortable situation where she reportedly scaled a wall at Warner Bros. to confront Tim Burton for not meeting with her with regard to the role of Catwoman in Burton’s Untitled Batman Sequel.

You’ll recall the Burton’s 1989 take on Batman made an astounding $400M worldwide in 1989 so it’s natural that Young wants a role in the upcoming sequel (though that certainly seems like a longshot at this point). We’re not sure why Burton won’t consider her for the role (sources have Goldie Hawn pegged to don the latest outfit), but we don’t think this below appearance on the Joan Rivers show will help. If we had a way of looking up who Sean Young’s agent was, we’d get in touch with her just to tell her to fire him.

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