‘Second Chance’ Trailer: ‘Warcraft’ Star Gets Resurrected as a Strongman in New Series

     November 25, 2015


Even though Robert Kazinsky portrayed the Aussie Jaeger pilot in Pacific Rim and Reese Witherspoon’s love interest in that god-awful Hot Pursuit, I will always think of him as Warlow from True Blood. (I’m sure I’ll be thinking differently after seeing him in next year’s Warcraft.) Kazinsky is making a return to television this time to star in a new series that’s kind of like Captain America meets Drop Dead Diva meets Frankenstein, and the first trailer has arrived.

The series was once called The Frankenstein Code, which became Lookinglass, which became Second Chance. It’s not 100% clear from the beginning of the trailer, but the story essentially involves an old man who was killed but brought back to life in a younger body by two scientists who want to save their own skin. The reanimation process has given his younger body abilities like the super-soldier serum — there’s even a Cap-esque scene in which he demolishes a punching bag. Yeah, it sounds a little weird, and the trailer doesn’t help normalize the subject. Watch the footage below.

Perhaps it’s just the resolution and the sci-fi aspect, but this is already giving me vibes of Minority Report, which left a bad taste in the network’s mouth. Furthermore, the Second Chance trailer throws a lot of information at you with a lot of footage without offering anything really substantially intriguing. Then again, I don’t need many excuses to gawk at a shirtless Kazinky.

The series hails from Rand Ravich (Life) and Howard Gordon (Homeland), while the cast is filled out by Philip Baker (Modern Family), Tim DeKay (White Collar), Dilshad Vadsaria (Revenge), and Adhir Lakyan (Rules of Engagement). Second Chance is set to debut on Fox on Wednesday, January 13th, at 9 p.m. ET.


Image via Fox

Here’s the official plot synopsis.

Seventy-five-year-old JIMMY PRITCHARD (Philip Baker Hall) is a shell of his former self. A drinker, a womanizer and a father who always put work before family, Pritchard was forced to resign as L.A. County Sheriff for corrupt conduct more than a decade ago. Now, some 15 unkind years later, he is killed when he stumbles upon a robbery at the home of FBI Agent DUVAL PRITCHARD (Tim DeKay), one of his two children. But death is surprisingly short for Jimmy, who is brought back to life by billionaire tech-genius twins MARY GOODWIN (Dilshad Vadsaria) and her brother, OTTO (Adhir Kalyan), founders of the social networking empire, Lookinglass. Resurrected as a younger, better version of himself, with physical abilities of which he never dreamed, a re-animated Pritchard (Rob Kazinsky) is given a second chance at life. What will he do with it? Will he try to repair the damage he did to his family? Will he embrace a new sense of purpose or fall prey to old temptations?