July 13, 2012


John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, writers of Horrible Bosses and New Line’s upcoming film Vacation (where they’ll also serve as the directors), have been tapped to rewrite Sony’s Secret Histories draft, first written by Tom Wheeler (Puss in Boots).  The feature is based on a U.K. book series by Ari Berk, and is intended to be a live-action/CG hybrid.

Many fans of Freaks and Geeks (and Bones) may be surprised to see Daley transitioning from actor to writer, but he’s been prolific in his screenwriting so far.  After pairing up with Goldstein, a comedy writer, the two have written the Steve Carell-Jim Carrey magician comedy Burt Wonderstone as well as Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers, and are currently working on a Horrible Bosses sequel.  For more on the Secret Histories project, hit the jump.

According to the Hollywood Reporter,

“The plot centers on a geeky Dungeons & Dragons-type fan who discovers he may be a half-faerie when a secret order of mythical beings seeks out his help, thrusting him on an international adventure to save the world.”

We’ve all dreamt of this happening to us when casting that dodecahedron, let’s be serious.

As for how much of an impact Daley and Goldstein will really have with the project just through rewrites, who knows.  But their involvement bodes well for the film.

Producing the film are Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson of the Gotham Group, along with Greg Little.  The project will be be overseen by Sony’s president of production Michelle Raimo Kouyate and director of development Jenny Marchick.


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