CBS Orders ‘Secret Six’ Pilot That Definitely Is Not the Same Thing as ‘Suicide Squad’

     October 10, 2018

secret-six-sliceCBS is reportedly developing a TV series based on the DC Comics supervillains-turned-hero crew The Secret Six. The network ordered signed a pilot production commitment with Suits co-executive producer Rick Muirragui, who will write and executive produce the DC series. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence and Jeff Ingold are also on board as executive producers.

Variety reports that the series will follow “six morally ambiguous strangers, each with their own unique specialties and secret pasts” who are rounded up by “an enigmatic figure who blackmails them into working as a team to expose the corruption of the corporate and political elite.”

That is…just the plot of Suicide Squad, no? Give or take three words, that is the exact plot synopsis for David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad. We’re already getting a re-do of Suicide Squad and it’s probably going to be directed by James Gunn because the world is wild.

But, you know, this could actually be a lot of fun. For the majority of its runtime, Scrubs was an absolute blast that managed to seamlessly blend drama with its hospital comedy when it needed to. Plus, the Secret Six has had some top-notch DC characters among its ranks over the years. The general idea was created by writer E. Nelson Bridwell and artist Frank Springer in 1968, but in classic comic book tradition the team has undergone numerous changes and member-swaps over the years. Notable names include Bane, Catman, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and King Shark.

Secret Six would be the latest in Warner Bros. burgeoning TV empire, which began with The CW’s Arrow universe—it now includes The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow—and is now widening thanks to the studio’s new streaming service, DC Universe. That particular network just premiered its first original series, the ultraviolent Titans, and while I wasn’t exactly crazy about it the series is getting some tentative-to-full-on buzz.