See What the New STAR TOURS 2.0 Disneyland Ride Looks Like

     May 24, 2011

Disneyland is about to unveil the new Star Tours ride to the public on June 3.  At a recent private event, Jay West, LA Times Hero Complex contributor, taped his experience walking through the line and eventually viewing the new video.  Obviously, there are better ways to see a 3D-oriented ride for the first time, but the video is a good placeholder for those of us who can’t make it to Disneyland in the near future.  This seems like the type of thing that could be taken down quick, so watch while you still can after the break.

Here’s how Youtuber IndustrialVibe described the video.

This is a video I shot/edited of the very first ride on the new STAR TOURS 2.0 at Disneyland, California — at a private event on 5/20/11. This ride opens to the public on 6/3/11. My video shows the queue area and ride itself, which is displayed for riders in 3-D — so while viewable here, it doesn’t represent the full impact of the fantastic 3-D visuals you see when actually riding. There are multiple destinations that riders can travel to in the STAR WARS universe with this new and enhanced version of the classic STAR TOURS ride, along with over 55 variables in the voyage and story! As well, you will also see a production crew that is filming and documenting our “maiden voyage” in certain scenes in this video.

The embed starts with the start of the ride, but Disney scatters plenty of cool curios in the line leading up to the ride. The preceding footage is worth exploring if this intrigues you.

I really loved the original Star Tours as a kid.  I think I’m due for a vacation for California.


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