Hulu Announces SEINFELD Streaming Premiere Date

     May 20, 2015


Are you distraught by TBS speeding up episodes of Seinfeld? Ready to binge all 180 episodes at your leisure? The time is nigh! Hulu has announced that Seinfeld will be landing on its streaming shores June 24th.

As we wrote about back in April, the deal reportedly set each episode of Seinfeld at about $1 million dollars a pop. Netflix, who was also potentially looking to acquire the series, payed $118 million Friends instead. Like that contract, Hulu picking up these rights from Sony Pictures TV is one of the biggest TV deals on record.

Hulu has been making a bigger push towards original content recently, developing a series based on the 90s computer game Myst, and also picking up a fourth season of The Mindy Project. But it’s clear with the Seinfeld acquisition that Hulu is also looking to really populate its back catalogue with marquee content, the same way Netflix has built up theirs to include a lot of complete, popular series from years gone by.

What other series would you like to see picked up by a major streaming service? And is this becoming a new kind of syndication model?

For now, you can get your nostalgia going by watching this Hulu sizzle reel in anticipation of Seinfeld‘s launch there:


Image via The Movie Database