‘Sense8’ Revived for a 2-Hour Finale Special on Netflix

     June 29, 2017


There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth recently when Sense8 was cancelled by Netflix from its small (one assumes) yet dedicated fanbase. After not cancelling anything but acquiring properties with the speed and breadth of a media black hole, Netflix suddenly got the taste for cancellations it seems, which it has since been doling out with abandon (Bloodline, The Get Down, Girlboss, and Marco Polo have also gotten the ax so far). But Sense8 fans came out in force to protest the move, and it seems that dedication has paid off.

Lana Wachowski wrote to fans via the Sense8 Twitter account that the show will be returning — for a 2-hour movie. Though it’s not another full series like fans had hoped, it will at least, presumably, allow the show to end on its own terms and provide a conclusion. Check out the message below:

The show, created by Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, and J. Michael Straczynski, stars Tuppence Middleton, Brian J. Smith, Doona Bae, Aml Ameen, Max Riemelt, Tina Desai, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Jamie Clayton as a group of strangers who are linked both mentally and emotionally.

We’ll update you with more info about the movie as we know it. For now, fans of this series (And others that were cancelled too soon) should take heart that sometimes a massive fan response does actually work. (Now it’s time to save Downward Dog!)


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix