‘Sense8’ Season 2 Featurette Takes the Colorful Cluster on a Globe-trotting Adventure

     May 16, 2017


Now playing on Netflix is the entire second season of Sense8, a product of the Wachowski Siblings and J. Michael Straczynski that follows a group of psychologically and spiritually linked empaths known as a cluster. What sets them apart from others is a unique ability to communicate and experience each other’s lives, even though they’re scattered all across the globe. If that sounds intriguing to you, there’s a good chance you’ve already familiarized yourself with the show and have devoured both seasons. If you’re interested but want to know more, a new featurette is for you!

This new video from Netflix goes behind the scenes of Sense8 to show off both the stellar cast and the series’ fantastic, dynamic, and varied sets representing our world’s unique cultures and diverse backdrops. It’s a great peek behind the curtains of Sense8 and acts as a great introduction to the show’s central themes. Plus, you’ll get to see the cast in action alongside Lana Wachowski, who can be seen relishing her time spent interacting with her actors on set.

Check out the new Sense8 featurette below:

Take a deeper look at the second season of Sense8, featuring more action, more heart, more amazing locations, and even more clusters. The all new featurette provides an inside look of what went into making season two, including footage of Lana Wachowski working with the cast on set.

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