Exclusive ‘Seoul Station’ Clip: ‘Train to Busan’ Prequel Unleashes an Animated Zombie Apocalypse

     October 4, 2017


The South Korean horror gem Train to Busan is one of the best zombie movies in decades; a kickass, kinetic spin on the genre with loveable characters and the dose of social commentary that comes with all the best zombie movies made in the Romero tradition. If you’re into zombie flicks, you probably caught Train to Busan last year (and if you didn’t, you’re gonna want to get on that posthaste — PSA: it’s on Netflix), but you might not be aware that writer-director Yeon Sang-ho also created an animated prequel film, Seoul Station.

The prequel earned solid reviews out of Fantasia Fest last year and already debuted overseas, but now you can finally check it out when the animated feature lands on Shudder tomorrow, October 5. As the title implies, Seoul Station leaves behind the cramped corridors of the train and centers the action around a train station where the apocalyptic chaos all begins and follows several groups struggling to survive on the infected streets of the city.

Here’s the official Seoul Station synopsis via Shudder:

“Written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the animated prequel to his critically acclaimed, award-winning Train to Busan tells the story of how it all began. As several groups of people are struggling to survive a zombie pandemic that’s unleashed in Seoul, one man desperately searches for his runaway daughter as the government struggles to shut down the area around the outbreak.”

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