September Box Office Predictions: Will Sony Finally Rebound after a Devastating Summer?

     September 6, 2015


Looking into August, all signs were pointing to Fantastic Four underwhelming significantly and failing to reach the heights of its predecessors. Still, with the Marvel brand becoming overwhelmingly popular, I thought it should at least carry it past the gross of notorious comic book bomb Green Lantern. I was wrong. Fantastic Four now sits at the lowest of Marvel adaptations right next to Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (which was made for a fraction of the budget of Fantastic Four).

Speaking of wrong, Straight Outta Compton proved to be a much bigger hit than was originally projected, and a built-in audience could not save Sinister 2 from awful reviews.

Last year had the lowest-grossing September in six years. Given the prevalence of two high-profile sequels and several appealing options for adults, this month should avoid continuance of that trend.

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