SERIAL Looks for the Truth Behind Santa Claus in SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Sketch

     December 22, 2014


Sarah Koenig’s podcast Serial was a huge hit this year as millions of people tried to figure out a 15-year-old murder mystery.  It was a unique piece of entertainment, and I feel it was misunderstood by some who thought that the podcast was actually about solving the mystery when halfway the season it became clear that the real value of Serial was witnessing the journalistic process and entering a journalist’s train of thought.  When it came to the investigation, it was more Zodiac than Dateline, and if you wanted it to be the latter, you were probably disappointed.

But the podcast also carried its own tone and flavor, which opened it up to parody.  Funny or Die took its shot before the podcast’s season finale, and last week’s Saturday Night Live also lampooned the series by having Koenig try to solve the mystery of Santa Claus.  Hit the jump to check out the sketch, and click here to check out Serial if you haven’t already ready.  Fair warning: it’s addictive.

Via Hulu.