Series Premiere of RUNNING DIALOGUE, a Podcast Featuring Matt, Russ Fischer of /Film, and Curt Holman of Creative Loafing [Atlanta]

     February 2, 2010


You may have heard about this big “podcasting” craze and I wanted a piece of the action.  I love to hear myself talk and can only conclude that others would as well so I, along with Russ Fischer of / and Curt Holman of Creative Loafing [Atlanta], have put together Running Dialogue, a podcast of us talking about movies for 45 minutes.  Specifically, with this inaugural podcast we’ve turned our attention to today’s Oscar nominations, talking about the David vs. Goliath match up of The Hurt Locker vs. Avatar, the benefits of the expanded Best Picture category, snubs and pleasant surprises, and wrapping up with a recommendation of an older film.

Just a few notes before you listen:  First, I did not know what the word “nonplussed” meant.  I know now that it means “perplexed; bewildered.”  Second, it clearly shows I am the youngest guy in the room when it came to my recommendation.  Please do not write me off and trust that I’m going to be increasing my viewing of older films and obscure films in preparation for our next podcast in two weeks.

Click here to give Running Dialogue a listen and please sound off in the comments section about what you liked, didn’t like, and any other thoughts you may have.

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