SESAME STREET AVENGERS Parody Teaches the Importance of Focus and Vegetables

     April 27, 2015


Sesame Street enjoys playing on pop culture, and its latest sketch is pretty darn cute. The Sesame Street Avengers parody, “The Aveggies – Age of Bon Bon”, features Cookie Monster trying to defeat an alien spaceship that’s a giant cookie. He’s the best monster for the job, but he needs some help focusing on his goal. Thankfully, he has some superheroes to help him out like Black Bean Window and The Mighty Corn. I like that this isn’t really a promotional tie-in as much as a fun way to get kids to have a positive association with vegetables and also learn about the importance of focusing on their goals.

Watch the Sesame Street Avengers parody video below.


Image via Sesame Street


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