‘Set It Up’ Trailer: Netflix Gets into the Romcom Business with Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs

     May 15, 2018


Netflix has released the first trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy Set It Up. The film hails from prolific TV director Claire Scanlon (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Office) and stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell as a pair of overworked assistants with terrible bosses who concoct a plan to make their bosses fall in love, that way they’ll finally be able to have their own lives. Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs play the bosses, and as you can probably guess, the process brings Deutch and Powell’s characters closer than ever before.

I’ll admit, I love a good romantic comedy, and this is a genre that Hollywood doesn’t seem too keen on making anymore. Which is a shame, because when done well, a good romcom can stand the test of time and serve as an endlessly rewatchable piece of entertainment (see: Sleepless in Seattle). So it’s nice to see that Netflix is down with making romcoms, and while Set It Up looks fairly predictable, Deutch and Powell (who previously co-starred in Richard Linklater‘s criminally underseen Everybody Wants Some!!) are two incredibly charismatic performers so they may very well be the key to what makes Set It Up work. And even if it’s not a new classic, at least it’s something different.

Check out the Set It Up trailer below. The film will be released exclusively on Netflix on June 15th.

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