Watch: Seth Meyers & Kelly Clarkson Go Day Drinking on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

     February 3, 2018


In the ongoing late-night wars over which talk show host is most tolerable consistently, Seth Meyers has had the pack beat for about two years now. In facing the unending idiocy and horror of the Trump administration, no other host has seemingly been able to communicate his anger, fear, and sheer amazement over what’s been happening in Washington D.C. while not losing sight of how to make a joke rather than simply sarcastically point to research that makes clear the wild hypocrisy and greed of the current Republican party. Even Stephen Colbert, a brilliant comedian, hasn’t been able to quite get over his fury and disbelief enough to make big, bold jokes about our current state of chaotic governing.


Image via Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Still, it can’t all be about politics all the time, and even in the irreverent category of late-night segments, Meyers and his writers’ room have been exceedingly inventive. This was once again highlighted last night, when Meyers asked “Since U Been Gone” singer and inaugural American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson to go day drinking with him for a Late Night with Seth Meyers segment. As you might have guessed, it climaxes with an inebriated duet of the aforementioned hit, but the talk beforehand about Trump and a drink called “The Blake Shelton” was just as goofy and entertaining in an overall light way. You can check out the clip below.

Meyers’ secret weapon has always been his willingness to be embarrassingly open about his love for certain pop culture totems, including Clarkson’s song, but he also clearly learned many lessons from Jon Stewart. Like the former, much-missed Daily Show host, Meyers is a hesitant optimist who is also quick to admit when cynicism has won the day for one reason or another. As you might have guessed, the last two years or so have involved numerous cases where Meyers had to simply embrace pessimism to be honest about what’s going on in this country or abroad. It makes clips like this one all the more lively, considering the fact that Monday will likely bring some fresh American hell to commiserate about with his audience.

Here’s the clip from Last Night with Seth Meyers: