Watch: Seth Meyers Goes for Gold in ‘Oscar Bait’ Trailer

     February 22, 2017


In case you thought Late Night with Seth Meyers was only politics lately (to be fair, it’s mostly politics), the host last night debuted a new short film that’s perfectly timed for the Oscars: Oscar Bait. The short takes aim at the tropes of films that tend to be nominated, as Seth Meyers leads a movie that ticks off all the boxes: racial tension, latent homosexuality, a disabled lead character, and of course lots and lots of crying. The short also shows that Meyers and his team are cinephiles, as they throw in some fun nods to the type of cinematography that tends to catch the Academy’s eye. It’s pretty funny, and I do wish Meyers and his team would do more of these short film-type sketches. The early days of Late Night had quite a few, including a couple of memorable Game of Thrones riffs, but lately Meyers and Co. have understandably been busy sifting through the litany of Donald Trump material to craft each show.

Indeed, Seth’s “A Closer Look” piece has become a hallmark of the show in which he takes an extended look at a specific subject. Over the past year, Meyers has leaned into the show’s political point of view to terrific results, but this Oscar Bait short reminds us that he and his team are still funny even when they’re not talking politics.

So as we patiently wait for the La La Landslide on Sunday, take a look at Oscar Bait below and see if it reminds you of any of this year’s nominees. And check back for more genuine Oscar coverage on Collider tomorrow as I offer up my final predictions for the ceremony.