Watch: Seth Meyers Brings “Really?” Back to ‘Saturday Night Live’ Thanks to Kanye West

     October 14, 2018

Saturday Night Live - Season 44Because we live in hell times that cause us to question reality at minimum 17 times a day, hero Seth Meyers revived his “Really?!” routine behind the Weekend Update desk during his return as host of Saturday Night Live. Colin Jost and Michael Che are no Amy Poehler—who co-hosted Weekend Update next to Meyers for two years—but the trio wasn’t lacking for material, seeing as how Kanye West recently showed up to the actual freaking Oval Office to spout some truly wackadoo nonsense with our president.

A personal favorite from a segment chock-full of gems:

“You know how crazy Thursday at the White House was? Kid Rock was also there and no one cared. It was almost a relief to here someone as reasonable as Kid Rock was in the White House. You know how hard it is to make Kid Rock seem like an adult in a room? His first name is Kid.”

And then there’s this incredibly accurate take from Jost:

“Kanye, if you really think Donald Trump is your friend, after the meeting he called you “a very different kind of guy. That is not a compliment, man. That’s what you call someone when you want to call them a word you can’t say any more. Like, ‘Hey that Forrest Gump sure is a very different kind of guy.'”

Check out the full segment below, which was Meyers’ return to the Weekend Update position that he held for a crazy eight years.

Saturday Night Live also took Kanye West—played by Chris Redd—to task in its cold open, but, as usual, the entire sketch was stolen by Kenan Thompson’s facial expressions.