Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are Writing an Episode of THE SIMPSONS!

     June 4, 2008

Yesterday I was on the set of the tentatively titled Seth Rogen comedy “Observe and Report.” While I’m under a big embargo for everything I saw and heard pertaining to that movie…I can write about everything else we learned from the people we interviewed on set.

Of course…with it being a Seth Rogen film, we got a ton of time with the star and he dished info on a ton of topics. While I’m very late to the game in posting his quotes on The Green Hornet, no one has yet to mention that he told us he was writing an episode of The Simpsons with his writing partner Evan Goldberg!

Yup, the two people behind the great comedy Superbad are writing an episode of America’s favorite animated comedy!

While he didn’t give us any info on when the episode would air, he did say they had to hand in the script over the next few weeks, so I’d expect the show to air in the 2009-2010 season.

Here’s exactly what Seth said:

Seth Rogen: We’re working on the Green Hornet and we’re writing a Simpsons episode.

Question: Wow. How did you get into that?

Seth Rogen: We called The Simpsons and asked if we could write an episode. Evan actually met James L Brooks at a party and James said he really liked Superbad, so we thought there’s our in. Maybe we could ask to write a Simpsons.

Question: Will it air this season?

Seth Rogen: No…cause we haven’t written it yet and it’ll take awhile to animate, so next season.

Question: Do you have an outline? Do you know what it’ll be about?

Seth Rogen: Yeah we have an outline. We’re started writing the script. I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you what it’s about though.

Question: So when will it air exactly?

Seth Rogen: I don’t know how that works exactly. They just told us to get them the script over the next couple of weeks and then I assume it goes to animation. So I don’t know, maybe next season?

Question: Did they assign you a story you had to write? Or did you come up with it yourself?

Seth Rogen: We went in and pitched them like 5 ideas and surprisingly they hadn’t done some of them. And…yeah…we all sort of settled on one during the meting and then we went out and wrote an outline and they gave us notes on it. Then we re-wrote the outline.

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