Seth Rogen Shares Updates on ‘Neighbors 2’ and Its Title, Plus ‘Preacher’, ‘Console Wars’

     September 29, 2015


Seth Rogen may be known to most folks as a lovable funnyman, but his upcoming role as Steve Wozniak in Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs might just introduce another side of him to audiences. It was during press rounds for the biopic about the Apple co-founder in London that our own Steve got a chance to talk to Rogen about some of his upcoming projects.

First up, Rogen talked about the sequel to the Universal comedy hit Neighbors, which he produced and starred in, giving an update on the film’s progress and current working title Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. He also commented on Console Wars, a project he wrote and will direct along with Evan Goldberg, about the rivalry between SEGA and Nintendo. Finally, he talks about the progress of the TV adaptation of the Preacher comic at AMC, and what it’s been like collaborating with the network. Take a look and listen at Steve’s interview with Rogen below:

Here’s a breakdown of what Rogen had to say:

Three-part question: How is Neighbors 2 going? Is it called ‘Sorority Rising’? How is Console Wars and Preacher?


Seth Rogen: Neighbors 2 is going great! Right now we’re calling it Sorority Rising until the studio tells us not to. I think that’s a good … whatever you call the thing that goes after the colon. And that’s what it’s about.

neighbors-2-sorority-rising-seth-rogenWe reported back in July that, in addition to Chloe Grace Moretz joining the cast, it’s the girls’ time to shine in the new movie. Though Rogen didn’t do much more than confirm that this is still what the movie’s about, along with the current title, it’s likely that we’ll see the beef between the neighbors squashed in order to team up against the rising threat of the Sorority.

Onto a very different project:

Console Wars is going well. We’re finishing the documentary element of it and we’re waiting until that’s done to see what our next play is exactly, because that’s kind of telling us what the story may or may not be.

I’m curious to see how Rogen and Goldberg adapt the Blake J. Harris book of the same title. Matt got a chance to talk to Harris about the book last year, a book which has a foreword from Rogen and Goldberg. The “documentary element” he mentions is certainly interesting, but we haven’t heard much more on the project, which is expected to be released some time next year.

console-wars-seth-rogenFinally, on perhaps the most anticipated of Rogen’s projects:

And Preacher, I think, are in like the third week of the writers’ room in L.A. We should start filming the series in January or February.


How has it been collaborating with the network on that?


Rogen: It’s been amazing, honestly. AMC’s been very open and not restrictive of the things we wanted to do, and we pushed it pretty hard as we generally do. There’s definitely been some conversations here and there, but ultimately they’ve let us do exactly what we wanted, which has been incredible. Literally you can’t say the F word, but other than that, we’ve pretty much been given complete free range.

This is great news for fans of Preacher. AMC has done quite well for themselves in adapting The Walking Dead, making both a critical and ratings juggernaut while also staying mostly true to Robert Kirkman’s stories. Here’s hoping that lightning strikes twice as far as the network and Preacher are concerned.


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