Seth Rogen Video Interview – ShoWest 2008

     March 15, 2008

If you haven’t yet noticed how many people I interviewed this past week, tonight’s explosion of content will probably clue you into the fact that I’ve been busy.

The reason for all this content is I just got back from ShoWest in Las Vegas and while I was there I interviewed a ton of people on the red carpet and I also interviewed a few people before the big awards night dinner on Thursday night. The interview with Seth Rogen is one of those.

The problem with the media room that this interview took place in was…the stage was far away and the speaker system sucked. So what I’ve tried to do is compensate by boosting the volume while I edited the piece…I think it came out good for this one. Unfortunately, some of the others like Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t turn out at all. The problem was she didn’t talk loud enough to begin with…so raising the volume didn’t come close to solving the problem. But a few of the others did work with the volume boost…and I’ll try and get them all posted by tomorrow night.

Anyway, here’s the interview with Seth. A lot of what was talked about was the usual stuff…but I asked the last question and got him to talk about his upcoming schedule and what projects are on the horizon. And anyone thinking “The Green Hornet” is close to going into production…it isn’t.

Finally, since I’ve posted a ton of other video interviews that you may have missed, here are some links – Emile Hirsch, Christian Bale, America Ferrara and Get Smart Director Peter Segal, and Producer Joel Silver.

Seth Rogen

  • Was he nervous hosting SNL
  • ShoWest talk
  • Improv talk
  • How did he work with Greg Mottola and David Gordon Green
  • Someone asks about the next Judd Apatow movie and what it’s about
  • I ask what he has coming up and what is his schedule for the next few months. He said he just finished the Kevin Smith movie and he’ll be shooting the Judd Apatow movie this summer.

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