Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell Talk SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, Script Changes on Set, How They Each Prepare for a Role, and More

     October 7, 2012


One of the best films I saw at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was writer-director Martin McDonagh‘s (In Bruges) dark comedy Seven PsychopathsThe film centers on a screenwriter (Colin Farrell) suffering writer’s block, who then gets drawn into the mischief of his two dog-napping friends (Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken) after they kidnap a pooch belonging to a psychotic gangster (Woody Harrelson).  For more on the film that also stars Tom Waits, Zeljko Ivanek, Abbie Cornish, and Olga Kurylenko, here’s Matt’s review, seven clips, and all our previous coverage.

The day after the world premiere, I sat down with Walken and Rockwell for an exclusive interview.  We talked about their initial reaction to reading the script, how precious McDonagh is with the dialogue, whether anything changed on set, how they each prepare for a role, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

And if you missed my video interview with McDonagh and Farrell, click here.

Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell:

  • What was their initial reaction when they read the script
  • How did things change on set
  • Did any of the dialogue change on set and what was Martin McDonagh like to work with as a writer/director
  • How do they prepare for their roles


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