SEX & THE CITY Sequel Is Confirmed

     February 5, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

After “Sex & The City” broke $150 million at this summer’s box office, it was a forgone conclusion that New Line would be hot for a sequel. Not nearly as conclusive was the question of which cast members would be hot to return for another round of Cosmos and couture – Kim Cattrall, especially, had made some noise about retiring her role as the aging playgirl Samantha.

True to Samantha’s soul, however, Cattrall was hot for a sequel after all – honestly that woman could get hot over a plate of ice. She and her girlfriends, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, have all signed on the dotted line along with Michael Patrick King, the man who created “Sex & The City” and guided its development through six seasons on HBO.

The studio is fast-tracking the project in the hope that their follow-up to “Sex” will be ready to go for summer 2010. Of course the fact that they have neither a director nor a script would normally be a problem in that regard, but I have a feeling that New Line will find a way around the issue. They found a way to make the first one without a script and look how… Oh, wait. Looks like they did have a script last time. It only felt like they were making the whole thing up as they went along.

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