Steve McQueen’s SHAME Set for December 2nd

     October 4, 2011


Fox Searchlight has tweeted that they’ll be releasing Steve McQueen’s Shame (click here for my review) on December 2nd.  The movie, which centers on a man whose life begins spiraling out of control due to his sex addiction, was picked up by Fox Searchlight at the Toronto Film Festival and the deal requires the studio to release the film uncut.  The uncut film has a lot of graphic sex, and as we all know, the MPAA absolutely hates sex. That means Shame is going out either NC-17 or Unrated.  Since ads for NC-17 and Unrated films are forbidden just about everywhere except the Internet, Shame has an uphill battle and the hill is at a 90-degree angle.  It’s an award season film and if the Academy can get over its prudery, Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, and McQueen could be serious contenders for Oscar nominations.  That’s a tremendous “if” but Fox Searchlight knows how to play the award-season game, and hopefully they can get Shame out to as many folks as possible.

Surprisingly, there are no wide releases set for December 2nd.  However, the equally-brutal We Need to Talk about Kevin will also be opening in limited release.  Happy holidays!


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