Shane Black Talks IRON MAN 3, the Mandarin Reveal, THE LAST BOY SCOUT, DOC SAVAGE, and More

     July 1, 2013


A few days ago, we landed an exclusive video interview with Shane Black backstage at the Saturn Awards.  During the wide-ranging interview, he talked about working with Marvel on Iron Man 3,  the Mandarin, the fan reaction to the surprising twist, a deleted scene with Ashley Hamilton, did he have plans for a sequel to The Last Boy Scout, how the spec market has changed for screenwriters and his advice for writers wanting to get into the business.  In addition, he talked about his very first script, his Doc Savage movie, the brace on his wrist, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, an important bit of info before getting to the interview.  The other day we posted what Black had to say about Doc Savage.  Shortly after posting the article, he emailed us to clarify his comments.  So for a bit more clarification on Doc Savage, I’d read this article.

And a big thank you to Hunter Daniels, Tommy Cook, and Jeff Morreale for covering the Saturn Awards.

iron-man-3-shane-black-robert-downey-jrShane Black:

  • They talk about the brace on his wrist.  Says he’s a one finger typist
  • Did he ever get the mansion that he talked about.  Talks about how he’s been sober for 5 years now and the mansion is a little tame now.
  • Talks about Iron Man 3 and Marvel allowed them a lot of latitude.  Talks about the way he works with Robert and how they wanted to show a different side of Tony Stark
  • When did the Mandarin become who the Mandarin is in the film.  Talks about how Marvel couldn’t figure out how to get him into a movie.  Explains why he wanted to do Mandarin the way he did it in the movie and fan reaction.
  • Talks about a deleted scene with Ashley Hamilton
  • Is there a tie in for a future movie in Iron Man 3 with the sequence when they show the universe
  • Did he ever have any plans for a sequel to The Last Boy Scout
  • Since the spec script market has changed dramatically, how would he advise upcoming screenwriters to get into the business.  Talks about his first script called Shadow Company.
  • Talks about Doc Savage and how you adapt a character from the 1930’s to modern day.  For more on Doc Savage, click here.


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