PRIMER Director Shane Carruth Moving Forward on Next Film, UPSTREAM COLOR

     October 11, 2011


Shane Carruth’s debut indie sci-fi flick Primer developed a devoted following, but he’s been trying to get his follow-up off the ground for the past seven years.  Now it looks like he got his next film off the ground, According to CHUD, the new film is called Upstream Color and is being billed as a “romance/drama/thriller”.  Upstream Color is unrelated to Carruth’s previous-rumored film A Topiary, which reportedly had an “insane” script and the plot was described as “an abstract arthouse take on Pokemon.”

The writer-director is planning a 40-day shoot beginning in early November through the end of January with casting currently underway in Dallas, Texas (where Carruth shot Primer).  Carruth recently worked on the time travel effects for Rian Johnson’s upcoming sci-fi film Looper.   Hit the jump for more details on the film.

CHUD reports that the lead role in the film is “Kris”, who is described as “intelligent and plain” and she’s involved in a “severe haircut change” at some point in the story.  The film also features “Wesley” who’s described as a composter/farmer in his 50s, and record-shop employee “Evan” who also “sounds a bit like a psychopath”?

So what’s the film about?  The title “likely refers to an esoteric biopharmeceutical term that describes impurities present early in the processing/manufacture of a chemical.”  Yep, that sounds like a premise for Carruth film.  While I understand the affection generated by Primer, I’m not one of its fans.  I respect the movie and what it’s trying to do, but I’ve never been able to understand the plot even when presented with graphs of how the time travel works.


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