Over 60 Shanghai Disneyland Exhibit Images from the D23 Expo

     August 15, 2015


Disney’s D23 Expo is underway and one of the coolest things about being there is getting to see all of the glimpses of what’s to come, in live-action and animation on the movie front, in merchandise and at the Disney Parks and Resorts, around the world. The Shanghai Disney Resort will be a world-class family entertainment destination that blends the magic of Disney and the cultural spirit and beauty of China, with two hotels, the Disneytown entertainment district, and a theme park with six themed lands (Fantasyland, Treasure Cove, Adventure Isle, Tomorrowland, Mickey Avenue and Gardens of Imagination) and exciting new rides, including the TRON Lightcycle Power Run, an Alice in Wonderland maze, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of how it will all be brought to life.

shanghai-disneyland-1 shanghai-disneyland-2 shanghai-disneyland-3

shanghai-disneyland-4 shanghai-disneyland-5 shanghai-disneyland-6 shanghai-disneyland-7

shanghai-disneyland-8 shanghai-disneyland-9 shanghai-disneyland-10 shanghai-disneyland-11

shanghai-disneyland-12 shanghai-disneyland-13 shanghai-disneyland-14 shanghai-disneyland-15

shanghai-disneyland-16 shanghai-disneyland-17 shanghai-disneyland-18 shanghai-disneyland-19 shanghai-disneyland-20

shanghai-disneyland-21 shanghai-disneyland-22 shanghai-disneyland-23 shanghai-disneyland-24

shanghai-disneyland-25 shanghai-disneyland-26 shanghai-disneyland-27 shanghai-disneyland-28

shanghai-disneyland-29 shanghai-disneyland-30 shanghai-disneyland-31 shanghai-disneyland-32

shanghai-disneyland-33 shanghai-disneyland-34 shanghai-disneyland-35 shanghai-disneyland-36

shanghai-disneyland-37 shanghai-disneyland-38 shanghai-disneyland-39 shanghai-disneyland-40

shanghai-disneyland-41 shanghai-disneyland-42 shanghai-disneyland-43 shanghai-disneyland-44

shanghai-disneyland-45 shanghai-disneyland-46 shanghai-disneyland-47 shanghai-disneyland-48

shanghai-disneyland-49 shanghai-disneyland-50 shanghai-disneyland-51 shanghai-disneyland-52

shanghai-disneyland-53 shanghai-disneyland-54 shanghai-disneyland-55 shanghai-disneyland-56

shanghai-disneyland-57 shanghai-disneyland-58 shanghai-disneyland-59 shanghai-disneyland-60


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